Il Primo Venerdi y Tanto Piu

Today was the completion of our first week in Rome. We have been all over the city, walking tours with Ozayr and Antonella, grocery shopping and stocking up on supplies, finding good Gelato (which is more important that you may think!), and stumbling our way through the public transport to find places to sketch. We have sketched a lot in the past 5 days! Some days feel exhausting and others fast paced, but all of them have been exhilarating. The city of Rome is constantly moving and changing. For instance tonight we headed to the Piazza de Popolo to get some night sketching in. We saw upon arrival that the piazza had been completely over taken and morphed into an arena for the night. Stages, lighting, advertisements and music had popped up everywhere blocking our views. My first thought, ” how could they cover such amazing space with a Mini Cooper add the size of a house?” But then we had to think of th city as liveable. People are being entertained here. They go out at night…almost every night it seems. It was a dose of reality that this is not just the ancient city we have studied in history classes, it is our present. it is our home for 5 weeks and we will be here to see it morph. Compound and change within and upon itself. This concept is known to us now as  something Antonella and Ozayr are teaching. The idea that Rome is a series of layers. Events and time are  compounded upon the previous layer and they remain in some ways to tell us a story. Some amazing stuff has happened here. Now this is not a classroom experience!

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