Palermo / Roma

First week in Roma complete after a nice vacation in Palermo. Here are some pictures of favorite places so far:

1) Hotel Orientale (window) / Palermo

2) A doorway I liked (I don’t know the name) / Palermo

3) On the way to the Catacombs / Palermo

4) Area w/ grafitti / Palermo

5) A church! / Palermo

5) Piazza Navona / Roma – no picture *UPDATE BELOW!

6) Piazza del Popolo / Roma – no picture *UPDATE BELOW!

7) Pincio Hill (overlooks Piazza del Popolo) / Roma – no picture *UPDATE BELOW!






[An update by Ozayr: Unfortunately, I DIDN”T get to go to Palermo with this group of students, but I will add some images to Hannah’s post to supplement – Below: Piazza Navona // Bernini’s Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi in Piazza Navona – which used be the site of Domitian’s Circus // The churches of the Piazza del Popolo – the square laid out by Valadier, and historically, the Northern Gates to the Eternal City // A view from the Pincian Hill]






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