Day 9 [Business Time]

bret-mckenzie-jemaine-clement-flight-of-the-conchords-02I’m glad that I was able to work in a reference to the Flight of the Conchords in the blog – which has in itself become a kind of cultural palimpsest (Russell Crowe, Dan Brown and Tom Hanks, Flight of the Conchords.. there’s also going to be a Gene Simmons related post at some point…) to go along with the actual palimpsest of the city and the layered drawings the students are working on –

We met this morning for a quick workshop on drawing strategies and techniques that students can use for their cartographic calisthenics, following our discussion on friday and the re-tooling of project sites and scales.  We’re looking at a little less than three weeks here in Rome before the next part of the study abroad, so, as Bret and Jemaine would say – it’s business time!


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