Experiencing Place

The mapping project that we have been working on while in Rome is an exercise in conveying the experience of a place through combinations of drawings.  The experiences that Rome offers are limitless and the prompt to understand our responses to places, in association to structure and space, has been eye-opening.  One of the reasons why Rome is unique, as we are learning from our expert, Antonella, is the way in which Rome has continued to meld itself around it’s history.  Because Rome has continued to involve history into everyday life, experiencing its iconic places, such as the Pantheon, can evoke unanticipated, and surprising responses. Many of us have not felt the way that we had expected to feel when visiting places like St. Peter’s, or the Pantheon because the truth is, there is more to a building than the building itself, there is more than what we had experienced in pictures in textbooks or seen in movies.  Contextual interaction- how a city decides to respond and relate to historical landmarks greatly influences the experience of place.   Light, sound, scale, materiality, and accessibility are just a few of many other contributors to the experience that a place offers.  Simply being present in these places that we have been studying about from hundreds of miles away has been the greatest learning experience so far because there is only so much you can know about what a place is without actually seeing, in person, what it has to offer.



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