Gelato Heaven, Brie & Drawing

Today after our morning watercolor session at the center with Ozayr, we walked to a new gelato place, Gelateria del Teatro. We weaved through the road construction to the gelateria, tucked away in a corner down a small street. It was closed. So we went to have coffee and wait for it to open. After Keara & Satavee had some frozen espresso (because she just can’t get enough coffee) and everyone enjoyed their cafe from Tazza d’Oro it was back to the gelateria. It was open. We went in and marveled over all the choices. Many got flavors suggested by Ozayr and his family such as Garden Sage & Rasberry, which I tried, and really enjoyed. I went for seconds and tried a dish of half Milk Chocolate and half Sicilian Almond. I was in heaven. My love of almond extract begins with an Italian bakery back home in Milwaukee, Peter Sciortino’s Bakery ( and their Amaretti cookies. This gelato was the Amaretti cookie’s creamy counterpart. Amazing.

In the afternoon we had scheduled reviews to go over the progress and ideas we have for our maps so far. Last night I have to admit I was really worried about where we were at in terms of ideas for drawings but after today’s meeting, I am feeling inspired and cannot wait to finish some drawings!!! Gene Simmons, plague carts, Donna Olimpia’s ghost, and some other creepy references will be appearing…along with some perspectives and hybrid plans and sections. So I think the drawing is on track. I cannot say the same for my diet. I have eaten so much brie & bread lately I think I may turn into a walking triangle of it. I digress.

The creative genius in everyone is coming out and I think the map is really going to express that. Thank you Rome for the inspiration, and Ozayr for the helpful suggestions. Let the drawing begin.

IMG_4046 IMG_4050(2)



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