Day 13 and 14 [Heeeeeeeere’s Johnny!, or, I ♥ my students]

We’re quickly approaching the end of our stay in Rome.  Students are battening down the hatches (see Steevie’s post about student “habitats” -) and settling in for final production on their maps and drawings.  Tuesday was al all day-drawing day. We met on Wednesday in the morning for a watercolor sketch workshop (using postcards of Rome) and followed up with a search for gelato/coffee (see Hannah’s previous post).  Our brief visit to the Gelateria del Teatro  (several students made repeat trips up to the counter for owner choice combinations of Sicilian Pistachio + Sicilian Orange) has resulted in a new addition to our itinerary; the owner enjoyed our presence (and money spent, I’m sure) in his store and we’ve been invited back for a “gelat0-making” production visit next week.  Hopefully, that helps take the edge of looming final reviews.

We spent the afternoon at the student  residences, working and talking through maps and drawings, techniques, approaches and styles, communication strategies and the meanings embedded in lines on paper. It was an afternoon well spent (complete with requisite bread and cheese, grapes and…Nutella).

Following our desk (floor?) crits,  the students generously offered to take me out to dinner, but had an hour or so to kill before the pizzeria opened.

– “Hey, do you guys want to watch The Shining?”

-“No.  Let’s have a watercolor/sketch charette, instead!” ”


I ♥ my students.

(okay, that’s enough sap, now get back to work – we’re meeting at the Borghese in in hour. Bring sketchbooks)




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