Blog Hijack! [or, a trip to the Bioparco]

I’m Maymuna Saloojee, and I am Ozayr Saloojee’s daughter. The other day we went to the Bioparco. The Bioparco is a zoo by the Borghese Gardens. I went there with my mom and my sister. We spent the whole day there.

We saw lots of peacocks! Because they were allowed to walk around the zoo by themselves. As were crows, pigeons and seagulls. Everything else was either locked up or in aquariums.

photo 1

This is a baby elephant that we saw. I called it “Ellie”. And we saw it when we were walking by and he was trying to get into his little enclosure. He was pushing on the door, but it was locked. The next time we came by, he was somewhere else. He probably got into his enclosure earlier.

photo 2

These are the two zebras that I saw in the African Savannah exhibit. Zebras are brown when they are little, and their stripes get black as they grow older. I called the little one “Zinny the Zebra”.

photo 3

There were four teenage gorillas at one of the exhibits. Their names were Edy, Susy, Bingo and Pipi. As we were standing there, Bingo RACED across the grass towards the glass at us and stopped 2 inches before it and just stared. We were like, AHHH! It was so funny.

photo 4

Hafsa (my little sister) got this snapshot. It was with the lion, she was looking through a piece of glass. She got it while the lion was yawning so she got a picture of his teeth. So that was about halfway through the zoo. Those were Asian Lions.

photo 5

So that is the end of our trip to the zoo. I recommend it mainly on a sunny day because everything is outside, except the smallest monkey exhibit, the reptile house and the aquarium.

Ok, I have got to go now. Bye bye!


  1. Marc Swackhamer

    Maymuna! I love your post. Enna and Maeve miss you guys. I will show them what you’ve been up to. Nice work…and I look forward to more of your writing!

  2. Maymuna, Freida just told me that the Bioparco reminded her of the Como Zoo, but that it seemed better b/c Como doesn’t have elephants. So, I think we should come visit.

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