Sunday Crowds


We finally made it to Piazza San Pietro on a Sunday – our last for this trip to Rome.  It’s been very interesting to be in Rome for all of this – especially getting the local perspective on Benedict’s resignation/abdication.  Roman’s feel very strongly (one way or another) about his decision; there hasn’t been much fence-sitting from the people we’ve heard speak about this.  It would have been exciting to have been in the city for Conclave 2013 (which already has a wikipedia entry here), but we are going to be around for the Federal election this coming week – which should liven things up a little more.

The piazza was jam-packed.  The pope thanked the crowd in Latin, French, Portuguese, English, German and Polish and wrapped up (with great applause) in Italian to loud cheering and shouts of “Viva Il Papa!”  One thing’s for certain, he has quite a backdrop against St. Peter’s, Michelangelo’s Dome and Bernini’s colonnade.



(A)  Here he is (From a distance)


(B) Here he is, a little closer.


(C) Here he is, as close as my camera could get.

And here he is again, with a little snippet of video:

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