Day 17 [The Homestretch, or What is Love?]

We’re almost done here in Rome.  We spent the afternoon at the student residences (in our ad-hoc studios) talking through some last minute ideas, techniques and strategies for rendering, line-weights and lighting. Sanity levels are pretty good; humor (delirium?) is high – music-wise, things seem to reflect this; students were playing a Taylor Swift song, with a loud, bleating goat edited in sporadically to see whether or not I would notice (*hysterical laughing from students*)  I’m fairly certain I heard some “Rage against the Machine” and  Haddaway’s “What is Love – Baby don’t Hurt Me” played as well.

Expect more of the same over the next few days, I imagine.

The weather (like the student playlist) was all over the place today; but on the way back from the residences, the sun came out briefly and did some really nice things with Rome’s architecture. A good sign for our last few days here, I hope.haddaway-what-is-love

Two Masters

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