Blog Hijack 2! [or, a trip to the Scuola Gladiatori Roma]

photo 5Hello! It’s Maymuna again. And yesterday I went to Gladiator School! Our teacher’s name was Marco Flavius something something – it was really long. He did this big speech on gladiators and he let us try on helmets. We learned that they are called Gladiators because of their swords; their swords were called Gladius Hispanius because they came from Hispania. We learned that if you were a slave or convict, you could earn your freedom by fighting and surviving, and then you could become a professional gladiator! We also learned that there were many kinds of gladiators! But the people who fought wild animals (with just a spear) were NOT considered gladiators. They were from Nubia and they were known for their courage .

This is me trying on a gladiator helmet! It was very heavy. Our teacher said that the helmet would burn your head in the hot sun and it wasn’t really protection. It was also really hard to see and sometimes you had to lift it up because it was really hard to breathe.

photo 1

Same helmet, just close up.

photo 2

The Net-guy! Our teacher said “Do not be fooled by his disguise as a regular workman! He is one of the three best gladiators who fight in our camp! He’s a real gladiator! He was REALLY cool! He held the net in a special way and then it fanned out when he swung it around and he tripped our teacher. But lucky he wasn’t using his trident.

photo 3

This is Hafsa (my little sister), fighting with our teacher. Right now she’s blocking a move where he is aiming to chop off her leg. We fought with wooden swords at the beginning and then we used shields and padded swords.

photo 4

After the school, he gave us certificates! They were certificates of Roman citizenship.

This is Hafsa now: I liked fighting outside. There was a mini Romulus and Remus statue inside and also a big one. That’s it. That’s the end of the post

VALE! (that’s goodbye)


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