Hoca Ali Street.

Sorry for the delay in posting.  We’ve been busy these past couple of days getting settled in Istanbul (read: eating meat), sorting out housing, getting oriented, figuring out transit and transport.  It’s been hectic, but exhilarating and we’re starting to find our footing (and Bosphorous sea-legs). Oh, yes, and did I mention that we have a center in Istanbul?

It’s been a long time coming, in-progress and in-process over the past few years since we first started this adventure, but it’s done – with amazing partners and collaborators, friend and co-conspirators, faculty and staff, donors and supporters from Istanbul, Minneapolis, Rome, Paris and San-Francisco – we have a center.  We’re the first group in to use it, so it’s pretty neat and tidy.  But not, I imagine, for long.


Our studio space.


Entry and reception.


Hanging out.


Student Lounge




Street elevation (garage door rolls up)


Our amazing neighborhood.


Looking back to a landmark.


Walking to work.

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