Too Turkish, Delight!

So we have been immersed into Istanbul. I am loving the city so far, especially the cuisine. We dined at JUNO a really hip young place near our apartments last night. We started with a meat and olive plate, then I had Izgara tavuk salata, or grilled chicken salad! It was so good. Finish it off with a tasty brownie and our night was complete…and stomachs were full. Then today, Tuesday we started our day in search of waffles, expertly filled with candy and fruit, and what else but Nutella. Some of us walked up to get coffees and street breads (mine was “potato” but it was mostly just bread. A great breakfast. The off to sketch at the mall, Kanyon Mall, which was gorgeous. It also happened to have the same architects as the Mall of America back in MN; coincidence, I think not Ozayr. The mall was cool, and we were cold so we hurried off to the Ferry! The trip across the Bosphorus was so beautiful. Dolphins swam along side our ferry and the colors and view were great, even though most of us freezing cold. The trip is shaping up to be great, and Ozayr is showing us our new grounds for the project as well as good places to eat and get chay (tea) along the way! 

Until next time!

Sarah S.

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