Lunch Across the Water

A few of us students got up for lunch with Brad, Ozayr and the family over on the asian side of Istanbul. I still feel a little weird with the terminology “asian side” or “european side.” But it seems to be the easiest way to label the city. We took a ferry from Eminönü to Kadıköy and ate some great Meze which included…in my best efforts to decipher the tastes…a garlic and eggplant spread, humus and olive oil, green olives and pine nuts, cilantro, carrot and pomegranate salad, lamb cubes with potatoes, a fried beef and onion croquette its true name escapes me, and of course lots of pide ekmeği, or traditional flatbread with sesame seeds. Deliciousness all wrapped up into one meal.

asian side of istanbul

asian side of istanbul

After stuffing my face with such tasty treats we stayed to look around the streets of Kadikoy. Things seem to be cheaper on that side of the city. We saw a ton of reuse stores, a great all purpose kitchen item shop, and I got a french press! Hannah got some really cool military photos, Juan scoured vintage boxes, and Haydar continued his search for pillows. Walking back to the ferry there was a lot going on. A really good street band. A huge protest in Kadikoy Square, with a lot of police, polis, and it was contained completely with fences. A great Saturday and a stimulating lunch as usual.

Until next time.

Sarah S

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