“No Title!”

 The first five weeks of semester were joyfully spent in Rome,  but in a blink of eye. I am still in awe of what I witnessed and experienced in Italy. Florence was the best of all. I think I was so speechless in the past five weeks that I couldn’t even write a blog !! If this is a good excuse 🙂

Once we absorbed the history and beauty of Rome and witnessed the elegance of Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Spanish Steps, via del Corso, and all the other great places we visited, we had to leave for Istanbul. At first, it seemed so hard to me. I still longed to spend at least a few more days in Rome, but Istanbul was calling for us !
The first evening in Istanbul was spectacular. It was so good that I almost forgot how sad it was to leave Rome.  Istiklal pedestrian street was fascinating. We had a great dinner with ayran.
Since then, food has been the most important topic in my conversations!
Baklava is my favorite by the way!
We are already done with our first week in Istanbul. It has been great, and I hope everything goes on as fantastic as it has been until the end.

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