Sunday Market Groceries (Fresh!)

Everything about the food in Istanbul has been such a treat. From the variety to the prices, I much prefer the sweet and spicy food here to Rome’s somewhat bland cuisine. The only thing missing was a place to buy quality groceries since the stores around here quite often feature moldy fruits or vegetables. This past Sunday, however, the guys and I found what we had been looking for. Thanks to our neighbors from upstairs (a couple of blokes from across the pond) we discovered a market replete with endless stalls of fruits, fish, nuts, and vegetables.


As we meandered through the crowded streets lined with goodies, I heard shouts from vendors to my left and right and call and responses from the people working nearby. A completely different environment existed here just down the hill from our apartment, where, instead of peddlers, automobiles lined the streets. As I stumbled upon item after item, I felt incredibly lucky to be there in that moment.


Prices ranged from 1-2 turkish liras for all sorts of fruits including a kilo of  juicy pears, apples, and oranges. Fresh spinach abound for 2 liras a pop and a hefty bag of dried apricots/raisins only ran us 5. Talk about kids in a candy store….

To cap off the trip we stopped for freshly made meat pies in a little place located right behind one of the vegetable stands. The price for one of these lovely things? 2 liras.


Next week’s menu?


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