Earlier this week Ozayr surprised us with a visit to Mark and Nedret Butler’s beautiful hotel along the Bosphorus. There was and immediate charm about the place that made sense when we learned that the hotel had been a thirty year-long project for the couple. They, along with their daughter, had meticulously designed every aspect of the hotel from the furniture and bathrooms to the barriers that kept the sea water from killing their grass.  After a tour of the hotel the couple seated us along the water’s edge where they had their  staff bring wave after wave of food and drink. At the end of an afternoon of such splendor, Ozayr struggled to round us up to leave. The picture of Nick below summarizes how we all felt at the end of our meal

The experience was inspiring, however. As young designers it is great to see what potentially lays waiting in our futures with a little hard work and focus. At the very least, the trip makes the late nights a little more worthwhile.

Thanks again Mark and Nedret.

black sea 343 black sea 381 black sea 384 black sea 407


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