Runway Wednesday

The forecast for this next winter seems to be filled with many days of leather and mesh with a slight chance of feathers and gemstones.

A selection of us students had the opportunity to attend a runway show part of Istanbul Fashion Week.  Arriving at the scene a man passes us on the stairs wearing a pillow mass on top of his head.  Besides this “new look” some other attendees had on some pretty cool stuff.  Little did we know, not only were we getting access to the show but we also had the chance to go backstage.  Backstage was hectic, REALLY COOL!, but hectic. Make-up, models and bright lights is the best way to describe it.  We later gathered our seats on the Runway and with some time the show started.  The show was very impressive and the looks were very elegant and edgy.  The first line was strictly black materials with small embellishments and the second line was the same but in White.  Besides the final walk trip… (ah!) the show was very well put together.  We were very lucky to be given this experience while we are studying here in Istanbul!

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