water games

bad dock design in Kabataswater games

These past few days have been focused on observations of our Studio Site. Kabatas Ferry Station is located on the Bosphorous nearby a Tram terminal, Finikular (similar to a rail shuttle), Bus stop, Taxi stand and 3 Ferry stations. The site is an explosion of activity and yet can feel drab, hurried and closed off. There is so much going on. You can remove yourself to the piers edge, but your still sniffing gas fumes. Our job is to tweak or change aspects of the surrounding area of the Kabatas station. There are some green spaces with lots of potential but they are pretty unspectacular as is. Tea gardens are all over the place, but they also seem to be in the way of the view of the water. We have a lot to think about and a lot to do for our project. Wish us luck.



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