Be Serious About the Crazy


“Don’t be timid because you think the site is small.” 

Inspirational talks during studio with Ozayr while he recalls an old classmate’s project for a renovation of a museum which entailed a blimp crashing into the side of the museum. He is telling us to listen to those deep down crazy ideas. We must, however, be serious about the crazy. 

It should make for interesting overlaps of information and themes in our designs. Maybe we will see a cat sanctuary like that in Rome, or an octopus glommed on to the retention wall at the Kabatas site, sloping down towards the water, tentacles reaching out as bridges for people to make their transportation connections. Maybe an infinity pool, or a waterpark….

Whatever outlandish ideas come up, we will have the best of intentions at heart and the people using Kabatas in mind. Looking forward to the crazy.

ADDEMDUM: we also talked about “dog leg” sections cuts…drawing description below. (basically a section cut that shows different depths; helpful when a space has many “compartments” & you want to show them all at once)

Dog Leg Section Cut

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