To Juan

“I’m a wizzard.”

This is just a taste of the things that come out of Juan Acosta’s mouth. This blog post is dedicated to the hilariousness that is Juan.

The first time we went to check out our site in Rome, Juan kept stepping / almost stepping in piles of dog excrement. Once it got stuck on his shoe so bad that he needed to wipe it off. So he begins taking a few steps and wiping his shoe on the ground, only to smear it in another pile of dog waste. I do remember hearing in chemistry class that ‘like’ dissolves ‘like’, maybe he was trying an interpretive version of this with what got on his shoe.

Another story told about his first Thanksgiving also comes to mind as one of the funniest things I have heard. I’ll let him tell you that story though, it is quite entertaining.

Today Juan finally got the umbrella he had been lusting after. Ozayr made a donation to make it possible. I’m sure Juan is very thankful. Below is a picture of him wearing it, and working the look.


There have been countless other moments to laugh over during the course of the semester. I guess that is just one plus of being on the RomeBUL study abroad program 2013.

And on a final note, I’d like to thank Juan for being such a wonderful partner for the project we did in Rome. It was a great experience working with him, and I won’t soon forget it. Team Juannah.

The best part was that a pack of Spongebob wall decals and chocolate Spongebob milk as a thank you were enough.

To Juan.


One comment

  1. Ozayr

    Me, to Juan today in the Hagia Sophia: “Why aren’t you wearing your umbrella hat?”
    Juan: “This is too sacred a place for such tomfoolery.” (He actually used the term “tomfoolery.”)
    5 minutes later, he’s choreographing a stop-motion (faux) punch to James’ face, filming it on camera. In the Hagia Sophia. Cost of Umbrella hat: 3 euros. Juan? Priceless.

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