Food in Istanbul


Food in Istanbul is delicious.  I can say every restaurant here have delivery too.  One of our favorite restaurants is Durumzade, which have great çorba (Lentil soup), beef and chicken wraps.  Our first turkish food experience was here with ozayr (he introduced this restaurant to us).  Now all of us are Durumzade’s fan, I say all of us because I haven’t seen any one saying NO to Durumzade and their çorbas.  Sometimes After our studio classes we often try to go and eat there.


Another restaurant which Ozayr took us on our second day was Doy Doy , the name is funny but the food  was great.  they had different variety of kababs, and other dishes.  It was in Doy Doy that we first tried the fresh hot balloon bread :D.  I didn’t take picture of our food because, I  was so hungry that I totally forgot to take pictures of the actual food we ordered and when I finished mine, I saw everyone’s plates were empty same as mine.  WE WERE HUNGRYYY.


In Istanbul I believe one of our interesting people in our everyday life are the Simit guys with their cute simit carts and sort of shouting SiMIIiiiiiiit SiMiiiiiiiitttt, although I have to say some of them have no carts and having a big tray foll of simit on their head without holding it, they’re talented, also movable business going on here.  you can see them everywhere.  I didn’t have any Simit guy picture in my photos, guess I always say to myself I will take one in future, because Simit and Simit guys don’t disappear at all in this city.  Although I have a picture which I might call it Simit & Landscape.


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