Blog Hijack 1(“Bir”)! A La Türka!

This is Hafsa Saloojee.  I am Ozayr Saloojee’s daughter.

photo 0We went to Miniaturk yesterday with our cousins. Miniaturk is like a mini Turkey, and it has mini models of places. It can also be in different places in Turkey, not just Istanbul. But what was crazy is that there was one that was in Egypt.

There were tulips and just one was standing alone. I zoomed in as much as I could to get this 1

If you go to Miniaturk, this place has a lot of geckos in it. This picture has a gecko lizard in it, it is black and green. This one, he was hanging his head out a window, and then he climbed up and started climbing on the top of 2

This a stadium. I don’t know what kind of stadium it is, but it’s a stadium. They put little people inside, not olden time people, but modern time 3

This is in Cappadocia. Balloons. We’re going to be staying in Cappadocia. We’re going to be staying in a cave hotel!photo 4 copy

This one is the Rumeli Fortress. It has stairs that have NO RAILINGS. And once you get a little high, it gets a little freaky. (But luckily this isn’t the real one.) If you can see the broken minaret, we were standing in that clearing when we went to the 4

This was only half the Miniaturk park! But those were some of the main things that we saw. They also have the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, the Galata Tower and the Maiden’s Tower. There was a Bosphorus Bridge that you could walk across with real water underneath it. It was a fun trip, and there was a 7



  1. Hafsa! I enjoyed reading about your trip to Miniatürk. I hope you keep hijacking the blog! I especially like that you took the time to honor the tulip that was all alone by photographing it.

  2. Nancy

    Hey, Hafsa! Nice hijacking. Nice job on the pictures, too.
    Maybe you should post some of our panoramas, too.

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