Quick Walk Above Tophane

Last week the weather turned gorgeous full time. no more back and forth throughout the day. I decided to pack up my studio things and take a walk to the site, Kabatas, going a different route than ever before. I found some amazing treasures hiding just up a steep hill. There was a cute Organik Shop called Balya. I bought a tasty Ginger Lemonade to cool me down. Those hills are super tough with a heavy pack on. I am glad i had it on because the student culture here is awesome. You get access to places a normal foreigner would not. I walked into a compound that I found out was an art gallery for Sinan University. Of course, it was full of photographs of Cappadocia, where we are going in just a few weeks! It was a great gallery with a cool book published in Korean.

It was fun to be above the city, letting myself get lost and wander around without allowing time to dictate my movements. I found some neat staircases, which easily blend public and private spaces, I got the feeling as though I was walking through a private residential community but the stairs were used to shortcut the connection between major streets. I saw some cool public art or graffiti.

Once i got to Kabatas I realized how much i had forgotten about the site. There was so much going on during the later afternoon (about 5:30), everyone was getting off work and going across the Bosphorous on the Ferry so I followed suit. Went over to Uskudar and walked a nice loop through the street markets and vendors. I saw some beautiful courtyards and fountains.

Cat inside the garden Fountain at Uskudar Street Art Tophane Park

found this photo at the Sinan University Art Gallery

found this photo at the Sinan University Art Gallery


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