When Cats are Fed – and therefore, cannot attack. Hisss.

In light of Keara’s unfortunate cat(atürk) attack, her love for the rascal felines lives on.  So it is with almost all of Istanbul.

We’ve heard about how locals (and our students) take care of Istanbul’s street animals.  Here’s one example.  Seen on our street: a pretty ad-hoc, very effective cat-food dispenser on a rope.  A water container is cut out to permit said feline to chow and for cat food to be dispensed easily.  Add a rope, an upper level window and voila! – a  cat-food dispensing machine without inviting in allergic reactions, or painful scapes, fur and  blood.  Sorry about that, Keara – hopefully this is something to think about for Lucy(fer).Catlove

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