This past weekend we had the opportunity to spend a gorgeous day wandering the sites near Eyup.  The first stop: Chora Museum.  Earlier in the week we were very fortunate to have a guest lecture by Dr. Saygin Salgirli that had a heavy focus on the museum’s history as well as depicting the interior mosaics and other features we can still see today.  It was great to be able to enter a space and recognize things that we had all learned from the lecture.  In particular many of us spent time finding the nine main stories of the narthex depicted by breathtaking mosaics.


  1. Enrollment of Taxation
  2. St. Andronikos
  3. Nativity
  4. St. George
  5. Christ Pantokrator
  6. St. Demetrius
  7. Herod and the Three Magi
  8. Unidentified Saint in Aristocratic Garment
  9. Herod Inquiry of Birth of Christ


To my knowledge, everyone enjoyed the church and were all intrigued by not only the inside but also the outside structure of museum.  Finishing up with an hour of sketching Chora in the sunshine, we headed to our next destination, waving goodbye to the structure that has gone from church to mosque to museum in its lifetime through the conquest of Istanbul.

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