Blog Hijack 2 (“Iki!”): A La (Toy) Türka!

Hi, this is Maymuna!

We went to the Istanbul Toy Museum last week with my cousins. The Toy Museum is a museum of old toys from Istanbul, Germany and anywhere in Europe. You couldn’t play with the toys because they were in glass cases. The building was all white, and they had a giant statue of Nesruttine Hoca out front, who is a man from Turkish folk tales.

This first case is a collection of mixed children’s toys. If you look closely you will see a dolly oven. You  will see a toy violin which is very old. You will see an old dolly and to the righthand side, an old fashioned Barbie 1

I took a picture of this case because it has the White House 2

They had a very old train set in a section across from the doll room. It was an old train, with a complete train set, a station wwith a restaurant. It was very long. As long as a couch. It was pretty 3

They had some toys about movie characters.  We saw Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  In the same case as this Mary Poppins was in, they also had some figurines of Princess 4

This case was in the space room. This case is dedicated to Star Wars and Star Trek. Other toys in this room were about the first man on the moon, alien toys and astronauts. There was a grumpy man reading a newspaper. I don’t see what that has to do with it. My sister says “Don’t ask me what Star Trek is. I have no idea.”photo 5

But my FAVOURITE SECTION was the doll section. These are not big doll houses, these are tiny doll houses. Each scene was different with tiny little things inside.

This one is of a butcher shop in Germany. It was very 1

This is a tiny little fabric shop. It’s one of my favourites. This is also from Germany. As you can see, it had real cloth, ribbon, spools of thread, and a teeny sewing 2

This is a dry goods store. It also has a few canned goods. It’s really cute. It  has a little spiral staicase. Those cans would be about the size of my fingernail. photo 3

This is the cutest one, a clothes store. It also has fans, little boxes. It has a little sailor outfits and wool coats. photo 4

Here  is a bakery. It’s got three layer birthday cakes on the top shelf and little cakes on the second shelf. This is also from Germany. It has little bottles of pop. photo 5

I thought it was worth going to the Toy Museum. It was really cool. Thanks for reading my blog post. Bye bye!

One comment

  1. Nancy

    Thanks for the stroll down memory lane May May. I like the observations and comments that help people imagine how tiny those doll house rooms are. Yay Mary Poppins!

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