We’re Baaaaack.

PgeistWe returned on Sunday night.  Our trip took us from Istanbul (5:30 am departure from Taksim Square), across the 2nd Bridge, into Asia, through Ankara and a healthy chunk of the Central Anatolian countryside, into Ürgüp – where we stayed three nights, climbed caves, fairy chimney landscapes, sketched, hot-air ballooned to 1500 feet, climbed into underground cities 250 feet below ground  – into and through Göreme, Avanos, Nevsehir, into Konya (hung around Rumi’s tomb), through more of Anatolia, into the Aegean Coast area, into Ephesus (+ a beach along the way), Selcuk, Izmir, back through Bursa, the Topçular ferry (+ an hour and half wait) back into Asia, across the Bosphorous Bridge, to Europe, back to Taksim – where it all started, 11:30 pm.  We had great companionship for the first part (thank you Deniz!) and an outstanding bus driver.  It was a good trip – and great to get to experience the landscape and culture of Turkey – if only just a fraction of it.  It simultaneously whetted appetites and created, I think, a deeper hunger to experience even more of this amazing country.  We went through valleys, plateaus, farmlands, mountains, salt-flats, volcanic, tufa and basalt rock landscapes, coastal plains and parts of the Silk Road. We went through the Capital City and the Green City (Bursa) and the Beautiful City (Izmir) and through tiny Turkish villages.

Needless to say, we’re back in Istanbul, back to work, back to studio and assignments, site visits and deadlines.  We’ve got lots to post – images and blogs posts to come!

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