Confession of a Slight Obsession

It was the day of our long boat ride on the Bosphorus. We met at the Eminönü ferry stop. It was about 9am. I was in search of a snack so I wandered over to a kiosk selling gum, candy bars, newspapers, etc. And that is where it began – calling my name from inside the ice cream chest were not one but two Magnum bars: Magnum Black (Espresso) and Magnum Pink (unaware of flavor). Sold, I went back to the group near the edge of the water to enjoy. Magnum Black was good, but when I took the first bite of Magnum Pink I knew I was in trouble.

Coated in what I can only describe as dyed pink chocolate with diminutive pink sparkles, Magnum Pink was tangy and sweet at the same time. That day a dream came true in an ice cream bar for me. From then on I vowed to give other Magnum bars a shot, but something deep down was telling me the other flavors didn’t stand a chance.

We docked at Anadolu Kavağı and I had a nice fish dinner. Ozayr pointed out there were ice cream vendors here as well. Oh no…it happened. I got a third Magnum bar: Beyaz, which is white chocolate with almond slices coating vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips. Very delicious as well and definitely plays to the sweet tooth in a person.

This addiction went on throughout my time in Istanbul, and even on our trips to Bursa, Edirne, and Cappadocia. I ate a Magnum Gold after visiting some sweet cave dwellings in Cappadocia, tried my first Magnum Infinity while waiting outside the Rumelihisari, tried Double Chocolate in Eyup, and snuck off from a lecture of Deniz’s to find a Magnum Pink. The morning of the trip to the Topkapi Palace, I had a Magnum Pink too. Almost every time I passed a red ice box with the heart shaped logo, I grabbed a Magnum bar. It wasn’t until about mid-semester though that I discovered Magnum Double Karadut & Böğürtlen. I found my second favorite. Outer shell milk chocolate, next layer a mulberry and blackberry jelly/spread, another layer of chocolate, then vanilla ice cream. I’ve never liked the consistency of fruits and sweets together, but this was just right (I suppose the fruits are a long way from their original form and that helped). I’ll deem my third favorite Double Chocolate. A layer of chocolate, then comes the fudge-like consistency, another layer of chocolate, and this is all surrounding, what do you know, chocolate (!!!) ice cream.

I must admit as well, that I found and ate 3 Magnum bars in my travels to Cordoba, Spain. Two were the strawberry and white chocolate flavor, and another was their white chocolate. They had an interesting line of Magnum bars that I unfortunately did not get to try: their “5 Kisses”: 1st Kiss: Creme Brule, the 2nd Kiss: cream flavored ice cream with red fruit sauce, cranberry and meringue pieces, 3rd Kiss: Tiramisu, 4th Kiss: Chocolate Cake, and 5th Kiss: Apple Cake. BIG mistake on my part. (

To my delight Rachel informed me of a recent development in the states: the sale of Magnum bars at Target. The addiction can (should it, I don’t know…) live on and I can share my love for Magnum bars with all my friends and family. I don’t know where its going between me and my Magnum bars, but I know I have taken full advantage of their sale here in Turkey.

I would like to send this request out into the web and perhaps am simultaneously drafting up an email to the Unilever Company about new flavor suggestions: please make a Blueberry flavored Magnum bar.

It could be great.

If you want to look more at the flavors offered in Turkey, look here!

Unfortunately, you can’t get many of the flavors offered in Turkey in the states – looks like you’ll have to travel to Istanbul to try them…how awful. – look here for different flavors in different countries you might be traveling to / in!

Long live Magnum.

IMG_0789 IMG_1864

IMG_3416 IMG_3417IMG_4983IMG_5886 IMG_5887 IMG_5974 IMG_5977IMG_4534 IMG_5409 IMG_5411

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