I don’t like the idea of a “TOP TEN” when every moment from this trip would count, so here is a list of things I liked in no particular order…


Excursion to Florence

– Getting away from school life in rome and experiencing another city with similar beauty but at a smaller scale was wonderful!


Rainy Day in Tivoli

–  The downpours did not change how much I loved this day.  Hadrian’s Villa and the Gardens prove to be beautiful even under gross circumstances.


1st Night in Istanbul (diving into the Chaos)

–  We arrive late at night, starving.  At 10 pm we meet Ozayr and his family at Taksim Square and then follow his lead as we embark to the restaurant.  Walking down istiklal we are bombarded by thousands of people.  As we eave back and forth trying to stay together we eventually make it to a little whole in the wall restaurant and are amazed with the food presented to us.  This was my first date with Durumzade.



– This was a once in a lifetime view.  The city was gorgeous and amazing.  Nothing will ever compare to the 6 am hot air balloon ride over the landscape.


Crossing the Bosporus

– Your on a boat, the waves are a beautiful blue and you have the smell of salty seawater passing your nose.  All the sudden you see a dolphin following beside you.



– This day trip was on one of the weirdest days of the semester (Ozayr mentions it in an earlier blog post) What amazed me about this trip were the mosques.  This was the first time I was purely speechless as I lifted my head and stared into the dome of Sinan’s great works.


Princes Islands

–  One of the best days with the class.  Biking around the islands, climbing up on rocks, and petting donkeys, I think it’s safe to say we all bonded over a wonderful day.



–       I was very fortunate to have my mother and sister come visit me for two weeks after class ended.  We spent 4 days in the city of Kusadasi and were welcomed by beautiful weather and friendly people.  WE visited the national park where we spent a day on a rock beach staring across the sea to the Greek islands and running away from wild boars.


– Chorba….. Chorba…… Chorba….. Durumzade will always remain my favorite restaurant in Istanbul.  I made sure that I didn’t make my way back to America without the recipe.


The Rome-Bul Crew.

– Everyone involved in this experience was down right amazing.  They are the true reason why every moment was fun and unforgettable.



A grand thank you to everyone for giving this program and chance and letting it change the lives of 12 architecture students.


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