I don’t believe in Top 10’s

I have never been the kind of person to pick “favorites” – color music food… whatever. As Keara said, when it comes to this amazing experience it gets even trickier.

Being able to go on a walk in the area behind your apartment, walk though an un-kept green space and find yourself facing the open gates to Tempietto…

ready to eat

Sharing your time with an amazingly diverse group of people (who are all super awesome). Enjoying each other’s company trekking around Palermo, sketching the sites of Rome, or working to put together a delicious family dinner.

Meet people like Andrea Ponsi, at his studio in Florence, who have helped enrich my perspective on my surroundings and my work.


Tasting something you have never even heard of before, but immediately feeling like you are home (and then not being embarrassed to say that you go to Dürümzade at least once a week).

rooftop adventure

Sneaking into the hidden parts of the city and finding amazing things…


Working really hard but still being able to enjoy the city while doing it.

jazz and swing


Being a part of a place where you expect the unexpected and anything is possible. Why not have a jazz concert and swing dance party at the end of Istiklal in the middle of a Sunday afternoon?

Re-learning to live a balanced life. Take a morning swim and watch the sunrise while eating a piece of fruit you picked off the tree next to the pool is just as important as working hard.


…Basically just being in Istanbul is always an adventure.



But I guess if I have to pick a favorite thing about this trip- it would be this. I took this photo after everyone left, before the CU kids moved in to the studio. The aftermath of this experience is far greater than any one of the individual experiences we had, for me.

We came, we saw, we grew.



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