I’d just like to (very belated-ly) share my adventures from Spain!

I had to fly into Madrid and then take the train to Córdoba – and this was my first time traveling alone, big adventure for me! It was all going smoothly until I got to the Zurich airport in Switzerland, which I was really enjoying until they accused me of never leaving Rome at the passport check. I began to argue with the woman looking at my passport saying, “but I swear I was in Istanbul for two months!”. She eventually let me through, but gave me this warning, “I don’t know what’s going to happen to you…”. Just a tad freaked out, I rushed to my gate and got out my laptop. I bought internet and emailed Ozayr and Deniz (freaking out!) that they almost didn’t let me pass through security because I didn’t have an exit stamp from Rome. I even facebook chatted Rachel. They all assured me I had done nothing wrong. I boarded the plane to Madrid. After landing I made my way to the bus that then took me to the train station where I bought my ticket to Córdoba – my high school Spanish was proving very useful by this point. My friend met me at the train station and I forgot the whole passport hiccup. Then all of this happened!!!!


Then it was time to leave and do the whole travel routine in reverse. On the way back I had another layover in Zurich, where I was questioned again about my passport. It turns out my Turkish Visa is just about the last page in my passport and they never actually flipped back there to see it, second passport crisis solved. Here is their airport –


And then I spent the night in the Ataturk airport waiting for my flight home – I may or may not have unplugged a paper towel dispenser to charge my computer in the bathroom.

So that was my time post – Istanbul. Very worth the travels, but I unfortunately did not get to see the Alhambra. Not enough planning on my part, and its a little ways out of the city. I’ll just have to go back – what a shame.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summers!

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