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Gelato.  A report by Hafsa Saloojee.

My name is Hafsa.  I am my Papa’s (Ozayr Saloojee) daughter.  One of the best places in Rome to get gelato is Gelarmony.  Gelarmony is sort of up from St. Peter’s in Prati. We were trying to find a dairy-free place for my sister Maymuna. So we found it online.  We went there.  And they have about a MILLION flavors.  They have two kinds of chocoloate – one is dairy free and one is regular.  My mom likes Canoli flavored gelato. There is pistachio flavored gelato that Maymuna can have – she loves that one. I like to get the regular chocolate.  Before I switched to chocolate ONLY, I had lemon AND chocolate. Back then when the chocolate got too chocolatey, I could have some lemon.  And if the lemon got too sour, I could have some chocolate.  I switched to chocolate only because it’s so GOOD.


My sister likes gelato in a cup but I like it on a cone. There are two different ways to eat gelato.  If you have it in a cup, you use a little spoon to eat it.  But if you have a cone, you just lick it.  So that’s why I prefer a cone. You can have CREAM on your gelato if you want, too.  I don’t like it on mine.

And we try to have Gelato EVERYDAY in Rome, but we didn’t have it yesterday.  We were too busy in Orvieto yesterday.  We’re going to plan to go to Gelarmony and get gelato today. One of Dad’s friend’s (Mr. Ray) gave us the address for the actual best gelato in Rome.  I want to go there, too.

And that’s my report about Gelato.



  1. Okay. There are so many ideas in your report that I am taken with, Hafsa. First, that you have made your primo hijack post this year. I hope you write many more! Second, that you are your papa’s daughter. This is a beautiful thing. Third, that Gelarmony has about a million flavors and that you like (at least right now) chocolate. I like to try the crazy flavors (and especially pistachio), but always come back to simple cream as the ultimate way to evaluate the gelatoria. Fourth, the cone/cup choice. I like the cone, too, but on a very, very hot day, a cup lets you take your time and not hurry-hurry-hurry to keep ahead of the melting! Fifth, I am glad to hear your goal is to have gelato everyday. This is both ambitious and realistic. Finally, I am pleased to hear that you will come to learn the actual best gelato in Rome. I look forward to hearing whether you agree with Mr. Ray. Thank you for your report! -gayla

    • Ozayr

      [Hafsa dictating] Thank you Miss Gayla! We haven’t had gelato yet today because it’s raining. We might go later if it stops. Bye!

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