St. Peter’s Basilica – In and Out

Hellooooo! This is Kayla Rodakowski speaking live from The Eternal City of Rome. How am I going to pack in everything I want to do and see in Rome in such a short period of time? I guess I’ll just have to have a distant relationship with my bed and pillow. So far, we were able to see amazing buildings and fountains (unfortunately through the drenched backpacks and awkward umbrellas,) but it’s all definitely worth it.

My favorite location so far is the St. Peter’s Basilica. The architecture and ornament is too good to be true. On the inside of the cupola, we were able to observe a service in action and get glimpses of the other parts of the cathedral from a bird’s eye view.




You see that tiny cupola on top of the dome? Yeah, we climbed all the stairs to get up there. Fact: my legs most definitely died on those stairs; probably the hardest work out I’ve ever done. Almost everyone took breaks, were red in the face, and panting excessively. The staircases were not made for those who are claustrophobic.


interior view of the tiny cupola


Climbing to the top was definitely worth it. We were able to see a full 360 degree view around the basilica.

I hope you all enjoyed a short tour around St. Peter’s Basilica! Back to you, Ozayr!



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