Dignity first in the scale of invoked Effect – or – Firenze

Facing again then to Florence proper you have local colour enough and to spare–which you enjoy the more, doubtless, from standing off to get your light and your point of view. The elder streets abutting on all this newness bore away into the heart of the city in narrow, dusky perspectives that quite refine, in certain places, by an art of their own, on the romantic appeal. There are temporal and other accidents thanks to which, as you pause to look down them and to penetrate the deepening shadows that accompany their retreat, they resemble little corridors leading out from the past, mystical like the ladder in Jacob’s dream; so that when you see a single figure advance and draw nearer you are half afraid to wait till it arrives–it must be too much of the nature of a ghost, a messenger from an underworld. However this may be, a place paved with such great mosaics of slabs and lined with palaces of so massive a tradition, structures which, in their large dependence on pure proportion for interest and beauty, reproduce more than other modern styles the simple nobleness of Greek architecture, must ever have placed dignity first in the scale of invoked effect… – Henry James, Italian Hours.

IMG_0075Sunrise on the Ponte Vecchio

IMG_0079Vasari in Santa Maria Del Fiore

IMG_0082A taste of things to come: Turkish döner + bulgur pilav near Santa Croce

IMG_0083An early morning lamborghini photo-shoot in the Piazza della Signoria

 IMG_0085Brunelleschi’s dome and Giotto’s Campanile from the courtyard of San Lorenzo

IMG_0086Firenze from the Bardini Gardens

IMG_0087A masterclass on drawing with Andrea Ponsi, at his studio in Florence

IMG_0088A practical session with Andrea Ponsi

IMG_0090Florentine crepes for dinner at the Trattoria de Quattro Leoni in Oltrarno

IMG_0091The Bargello

IMG_0093The Pazzi Chapel at Santa Croce

IMG_0094Palazzo Strozzi

IMG_0081Firenze at our feet


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