Leather, cow stomachs, coppers pipes, etc.

Shawn H. soaking it up

Shawn H. soaking it up

With a few more leather jackets and bottles of wine than when we departed with four days ago, we returned from Florence today. It was a bittersweet homecoming. My first day was spent exploring/napping around the Boboli gardens, which was a magical world of sprouting flowers and too much PDA. A few friends and I enjoyed a snooze on some sort of large white blood cell-esque sculptures until loudspeakers around the garden repeatedly “encouraged” us to find the exit. It was a little too similar to the Hunger Games. In any case, this was my favorite part of Florence. I’m sure it was in part due to the long overdue sunshine, which I was beginning to think didn’t exist on this side of the world.


Apologies for posting a macro flower photo. I’m too excited for Spring.

On Friday Papa O took us to gain some wisdom from Andrea Ponsi, a practicing architect in Florence. His studio, which included his home, was as wonderful as his words about the importance of drawing as a way to understand. He also gave a quick demonstration on his drawing and watercoloring techniques while everyone drooled around him. Hopefully he gets some commission from the art stores around; I’m sure they sold several extra watercolor sets that night. Being in his beautiful studio was a real breath of fresh air after so much Renaissance architecture. My eyes were craving some clean, modern lines.


Andrea Ponsi's beautiful home/studio

Andrea Ponsi’s beautiful home/studio

Andrea showing us some of his drawing. Shawn G is having a grand ol' time.

Andrea showing us some of his drawing. Shawn G is having a grand ol’ time.

The rest of the trip was spent wandering, getting lost, settling debts with gelato, and pizza. I think everyone enjoyed living at a slower pace for a few days, as well as not having to dodge Smartcars barreling down the streets of Rome. But it does feel nice to be home.


View of Florence from Piazzale Michelangelo


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