Pizza, Puking, and Pompeii

Hey everyone and fellow students who were in Venice!

Me and 6 of my fellow students went to Naples for the weekend for some fun, food, and sun also known as Tess’s Series of Unfortunate Events. Immediately after getting off the train we went to Pizzeria da Michele. According to Eat, Pray, Love, this pizzeria had the best margherita pizza in Naples, and Naples has the best pizza in Italy, and Italy has the best pizza in the WORLD!!!!! (and it was true). As everyone indulged in their bubbly deliciousness, I was left struggling for 10 minutes to cut a piece for myself after getting a faulty knife. I can tell you now that it was torture. To add to the experience, these street performers came into the restaurant and played traditional Italian music which, by the end, had me in hysterics. Once I finally finished my pizza and we left the pizzeria that now had a long line out the door, we walked to the sea and I have now coined the term “pizza pain” from the intense stomach pain from walking after eating. It was so worth it though.


Next, we went near the harbor and climbed the rocks and dipped our feet in the sea. It was magical and the weather was not to bad either. Unfortunately, as we left the rocks and went on our way, I ripped my pants on the rocks cutting a 8 inch hole right under butt. Needless to say, I had to wrap my jacket around my waist and eventually wore sweatpants the rest of the trip.


Next stop was taking a boat to Sorrento! Sorrento was a beautiful town on top of a cliff but didn’t come without trial and tribulation. The boat to Sorrento was definitely more than a little choppy. I proceeded to get more and more sick eventually I puked into a seat cover while Kayla uncomfortably laughed at me. The view outside was beautiful but not so much in the boat.

IMG_1137 IMG_1144

The journey was worth it though when we reached the glorious shoreline. We walked about 45 minutes to our hostel through a town festival and endless groves of lemon and orange trees. Surprisingly the hostel was extremely nice with a rooftop deck overlooking the surrounding mountains and we all watched the sunset in bliss. We ended the night with a lovely seafood meal and meandering through the festival.


The next day, we ventured to Pompeii on the train with free entertainment from some gypsy playing a tambourine. We roamed the streets of Pompeii on a gorgeous day with our trusty guide, Leah. Needless to say this was my favorite part of the trip. We saw beautiful villas, ancient fast food restaurants, and even a brothel. Even though by this time we all had multiple blisters, we trekked on seeing most of the 4 square kilometer city and were in awe of the ancient ruins and fascinating stories to go with them. Fun fact: In the public bath, they had heated floors for citizens to walk on by putting hot coals between the floor and the foundation of the building.




Last but not least we went back to Naples and drew on the rocks by the sea making the perfect end to the trip.

FINALLY, I would like to introduce you to our new band The Oxcart Wheel Groves. Our hit single “We Pompayed for This” will be out soon. Vote on your favorite band cover!

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