The Home Stretch



Sam, Leah, Alexi, and Jeremy’s workspace.


The final review is in less than 24 hours and we still have work to do! The past few days now we have been working hard on our drawings and some of us have even been working into the late hours of the night to get everything done. As I write this everybody is waking up, making breakfast, and taking showers as we get set for the final push to reviews. Of course nothing about this is unusual for an architecture or landscape architecture student, except maybe the fact that we are doing it in Rome instead of Rapson.


Alexi and Shawn G. tracing on the window.


Many of us have been using the windows of our apartment to do tracings. It works pretty well until gets dark. Nevertheless, Alexi figured out how to position a lamp on a laundry rack on the balcony to create a makeshift light box for tracing during the late night hours. There are a few other interesting tricks we’ve come up with. It’s not uncommon to see us flip our laptops over with an image on the screen and use the light for tracing. Is this good for the screen of the laptop? I’m not sure, but it works! Sometimes while I’m drawing I catch the smell of hairspray. Now there are 9 girls here so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but they aren’t using it on their hair (unless they are going to the opera like they did last night). The hairspray works as a handy way to seal graphite and ink on paper and keep it from smudging. However, we have to be careful when we apply it because once the drawing has been sprayed we can’t erase!


Putting up Sam and Leah’s section of the map.


It is amazing to see some pretty incredible drawings come together and it’s nice to see everybody producing such amazing pieces of work. I can’t wait to see the final map put together on Thursday. It is going to be huge! We put Sam and Leah’s section which includes the Colosseum and Roman Forum up on the wall (pictured above) and it’s almost 3 meters long! (Did you see that? I used the metric system.) And to believe that is just 1/10 of our total map.

Well, my partner Alexi is yelling at me to get back to work so I’m going to wrap this up. Alexi and I are working on San Carlino, Sant’Andrea, and the Quirinal Palace. Wish us all luck on our last push to final review. I can feel a late night coming up.

See you after the review!


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