Istanbul – Day 2 (by the Numbers)

Number of (official, course related) walks: 2

Distance covered during walks (total, bipedal motion): 7 miles

Number of walks over the Galata Bridge: 2

Number of boats taken (group): 4

Ferry stations visited/transited: Karaköy, Kadiköy, Eminönü, Kabatas, Üsküdar

Metro stations visited/transited: Osmanbey, Taksim, Sishane, Findikli, Tophane, Kabatas, Sultanahmet, Gülhane

Number of Durumzade wraps eaten: 26+

Number of metros, trams + funiculars taken: 12+

Cost of a cup of tea on a boat on the Bosporus: 1 lira (about 50 cents)

Contents of a lunch today: 1 spicy sausage + cheese sandwich, 1 bottle of Mandarin Fanta, 1 bag of Turkish Potato chips + a pistacchio chocolate bar.

Cost of above lunch today: 6 lira – about 3 bucks.

Cost of a simit (sesame bagel thing) on a boat across Seraglio point on the way to Asia: 1 lira (about 50 cents)

Cost of going to Asia: 1.95 Lira – or about 87 cents.

Feeding said simit to seagulls on the boat going to Asia:  Priceless.

Number of concerned looks when describing the cultural experience of the Turkish Hamam: 20

Number of students considering going to the Hamam:  undetermined

Number of stray cats who have wandered into a student apartment: 1

Number of trips to the Tax Office to sort out a mobile phone snafu: 2

Number of trips to a Turkcell office to sort out mobile phone snafu: 4

Number of Turkcell staff helping sort out mobile phone snafu: 4

Number of times “snafu” has appeared in this list: 4

Number of cups of cay consumed: 47 to power of 400.

Number of Krispy Kreme donuts consumed today: at least 3

Number of wetburgers consumed: 10+

Verdict on Turkish Coffee: split, leaning positive.





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