Talking About A Perfect Weekend

We had a long week.

Firstly our first portion of our project. Everyone worked so hard on our sites—-Karaköy-Eminönü.

Although there’re distractions such as protest and power blackout, we still managed to make things work and presented our best products.


Then, owning to the changing schedule of our courses, Friday, which was supposed to be a nice and relaxing day, suddenly became completed school day, starting from 9:30am to 6:00pm. We were all tired so we decided to have a cozy weekend.

So, How to define a “cozy weekend”? Well, ask me again when it’s noon because I’m trapped in my bed and can’t get up.

A cozy weekend started from noon because the morning was the time for dreaming.

There’s nothing had to be done so how about a trip to Grand Bazaar?

Hmmm, it’s been an hour since we left but haha we still on the way.

The tram is crowed so see you guys by the Blue Mosque.

It’s a nice tea set, and a scarf and a hat.

We came from this way so let’s turn left.

Let’s take a break anyone wants some tea?

We just got here but I want some tea!


Grand Bazaar is supposed to be a very massive and crowded place and actually it is. But somehow it is also very relaxing because we were experiencing it lazily and slowly.

We wondered around Grand Bazaar and the historical center, looking for a good place for our dinner. Nothing could be better than a Turkish open air resturant popularized by Turks. Well, there’s something better than that—an open air resturant with free Sufi whirling.

The dancer was spinning and spinning without stopping but his face looked so peaceful and quiet, just like our entire day.Image


Long time on the transportation, Bazaar, Tea, Mosque, Kebab, Sufi whirling. We were experiencing Turkey in a lazy way.

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