Rome in a Ten-Part Nutshell

Hello to all friends, family, bloggers, and followers! I hope you’ve all survived this wicked winter and are thawing out nicely.

In order to get the most out of my time in Rome, I kept a regular blog to record my experiences, opinions, griefs (perhaps not so much) and surprises. In a world without deadlines I would have submitted each on a regular basis, like a good blogger ought, but most bloggers aren’t in The Eternal City. Having scrawled each in my sketchbook during the quick breathers we enjoyed between tours and travels, I could never quite bring myself to take the time to type them out while I could be out taking in the transformation Rome undergoes after sunset. Instead, I’ve included them all in a big bundle of Roman tourism and the jabber of an architecture student, and posted them on a neutral blog, able to be accessed by all of you fine fellows as well as others.

Here it is!

My Roman Holiday was Easter

Iyi Geceler!

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