The Weird Wafer that I had Last Night.

Hi guys! Maymuna here! This the story of a wafer that I had last night.
The ferries in Turkey {usually big ferries} have little convenience stores inside where you can buy snacks and chai. Little ferries will sometimes have guys that will sell same things except from a tray. They might offer sandwiches or chips, and a few canned drinks. This wafer is something that you can generally only get on a ferry or in a convenience store. I had tried this kind of wafer before but i could not remember it, so I wanted to try it again.
We were taking a ferry back from Kadikoy after going to Ciya for dinner. My Dad had said that I could have a wafer so my dad found two [one for me and one for my sister]. It was HUGE. I unwrapped it and took a bite. It was flaky and crispy, and gooey and sweet on the inside thanks to the “Nougat sauce” as spotted on the label.
That might be the best ferry food I have had [but I have not had a lot, so…]. I have bad allergies to: dairy, eggs, sesame and shellfish, so it was a treat that I could have it! {even though my Mom says that it is probably horrible for me anyway}.
Bye for now,
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  1. g

    Maymuna, sometimes the best foods are the most horrible for us. What a lousy deal that is. Perhaps it is a good thing that there are only so many ferry rides you can make in a day! -gayla

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