Goodbye Kedi, Goodbye


When we found you, bliss.

Dirty at first, cleaned white.

Tummy rubs, our love.


Three days ago, Morgan comes rushing up stairs with news, “Guys, I found a cat and she’s in our room.” Everyone drops what they’re doing and flies back down the stairs to the back room of the apartment. We slowly open the door, look around for the cat, and then…Gush. What a dirty but loveable cat! We spent two hours stroking her and admiring her cat antics: she rolled around in our dirty laundry, she sprawled out for tummy rubs, she explored under our beds, and she yawned super big probably a thousand times. She was a real crowd pleaser.



Oh, how nice you were.

To strangers? Your stomach full?

Are you pregnant, cat?


Then we started asking some questions. Why is this cat so nice to us? Most of the cats on our street and behind our apartment are frighteningly feral, territorial, and have tempers you wouldn’t want to mess with in a dark alley. So why is this little cat a peach? Why is she so mellow around strangers? We began to think that she might be sick, maybe on medication, confused, or pregnant. Pregnant. Oh, pregnant seemed likely. This cat had a very full stomach for being a stray. Also, she sized up the room pretty well. She liked to crawl under the bed, in corners, and she was awful fond of our dirty laundry. We were suspicious that this mamma cat was secretly in the market for a nursery. Either way, we were big fans of her. A pregnant-cat-watch was declared between us. We decided we would look into it later. In the meantime we were in no hurry to return her to the streets. She was just so soooft.


‘wikihow’ confirms.

You use litter boxes well

Who’s cat did we take?


The next day we did some research and looked up quick facts “How to tell a cat is pregnant.” The results for our kitty were accurate. There were enough captivatingly ‘CAT-ptivating’ly gross pictures and diagrams for us to accept that this is actually what was happening and that soon we might have more cats on our hands. That afternoon we bought some litter because we noticed the cat hadn’t gone to the bathroom yet. Immediately, we set up a litter box and watched the cat beeline across the room to use it. Now this poses some other interesting questions. Why is this presumably stray cat potty trained? Why is she so comfortable inside? Is this someone’s cat? Who’s cat did we steal?


We cannot keep you.

Freedom. Hope. Go! Find your home.

Unnamed. Loved. Kedi.


The last three days have gone by so fast dear friend and feline. We’ve loved you so. Alas, we cannot knowingly keep someone else’s cat our prisoner. We will never forget your energy, grace, and name. Uh oh….name….uh well, we never actually got around to that. Sorry kitty. How rude of us! We spent three wonderful and memorable days with you and still never called you by a name. In our defense, nothing we came up seemed to fit your unveiled character– you wouldn’t tell us your name. I guess in your defense, we never told you ours.


We hope you return to your true home and happiness. We hope all of your soon to be kittens will be healthy, adorable, and prosperous. You will always be our friend. You can use us for our attention. It’s okay, dear Turkish ‘kedi’, I hope we meet again.



    • Ozayr

      Grace – looking forward to seek you all in a week! We’re off to Capadoccia now (writing this from the airport); good luck on the rest of the Markerwadden (is that horrible Dutch spelling?) project and best to you and your colleagues and instructors, too.

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