Top Moments

After being in Istanbul for just over a month now, I have developed a mental list of day to day moments that I hope to never forget. I’ll write them here so that I can reminisce later.


The walk to school. Today I took a picture at every turn or favorite moment of mine of the way to school. Note the number of escalators it takes to get out of the Sisane metro stop and those beautiful lamps you see in the window on the last street. 500 lira might be worth it….


Water. I love living by water. I think it makes me a happier person and I would sit by the Golden Horn all day if I could.


The People. Seriously, everyone is so nice. Trying to talk to people can be a real mess sometimes but unlike Rome, they love practicing their English and appreciate us trying to speak Turkish. Asking for directions is always fun because by the end of the conversation you have about 10 people all trying to help you get to where you need to be. I love that. Here’s Morgan dancing with some fun kids on the street. Can’t tell if they are laughing with us or at us but does it really matter?


Ferry Rides to Asia. It is definitely the best at sunset. The city looks incredible for the ferry and you can just see so much! The best part of the ferry rides is throwing simit to the seagulls. It’s a great game for the birds and for us and sometimes people will even give you their simit through the window to throw because they enjoy watching the game. Again, thank you Turks. You keep us having fun.


Designing things. It has begun and we are so happy. Our studio project involves redesigning the ferry stations on east and west Karakoy. The first iterations have been produced and as I sit here everyone is revisiting them, fixing scale, moving things around or completely starting over.


Hamam. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to relax at the Turkish baths… I am really ticklish and thought I’d be sitting on a hot slab while a woman tortured me with her massaging. But it was really, really great. Alex, Katrina and I went for Alex’s birthday and had a really nice and relaxing time before going back to the studio. The woman who scrubbed me talked to me about Chicago and then continued to sing to me in Turkish. It was magical. AND there was a pool. Need I say more?


My new robe. Plain and simple, I bought a Turkish robe and I love it. It’s white and grey with tassles, a hood, and pockets. The picture is not me, nor is that my robe…. I like my robe more and am usually smiling when I am wearing it.


Osman’s Tea Truck. My favorite place in west Karakoy that was the inspiration for my ferry station re-design. It’s a black truck that has been converted into a drink spot where they serve tea, coffee, raki, Effes etc. I’ve gone and half talked to the boys there about handmade jewelry, dads, America and whatever else we can find that we both understand. Usually there is just a lot of point, laughing, nodding, and smiling. I love it there.


Fosil. What looks like a hole in the wall club that we have been to three times now. The inside is beautiful and there are balconies that over look the Golden Horn. There have been some pretty magical moments standing outside and singing to Thunderstruck by ACDC. They definitely have interesting taste in music which I really appreciate.



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