Kickin’ it in Cappadocia and bummin’ it at the beach

This past Sunday marked the end of our weeklong adventure across Anatolia for spring break.  It encompassed 2 radically different landscapes, each beautiful in their own right: the arid and dusty charm of Cappadocia and the beach life of Kusadasi.  In a group of 20 students, it can be challenging to get everyone together as a big group since everyone has their own schedules of what they want to see and do.  My favorite moments on our spring break came when we did just that: everyone coming together and doing nothing at all.  We spent the better part of one afternoon/evening in Cappadocia sitting on the terrace playing cards and just hanging out while the sun set over the beautiful landscape.  We all went out to dinner as a big group at our friend Izmael’s restaurant (Ozayr was going to join but probably felt too old when he saw 20 jovial college students just kickin’ it).

My other favorite moment of the week came at Ladies Beach in Kusadesi.  Pretty much the whole group spent the entire day lounging/swimming at the beach.  It was so memorable for the same reason that that night in Cappadocia was: no one had a care in the world and for a brief moment it felt like we weren’t architecture students with final reviews and 2 papers due in 3 weeks (jinkies).  Its moments like these when we scrap the whole crew together that I realize how much I appreciate my study abroad family.  Everyone has such unique personalities that when we all come together, it makes for one heckuva time.  Can’t wait to see what group shenanigans the next few weeks hold!

Cappadocia Terrace

Gonna miss these hosers

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