Easter In Istanbul

Happy Easter!
Today was probably a very difficult day for me. I’ve never been away from my family during Easter. But I made a new tradition with my family I’ve made here. Half way around the world in a country that doesn’t celebrate Easter, we made the most of the moment and to create a wonderful experience.


A few of us went to a church, St. Anthony, on Istiklal to celebrate Easter Sunday Mass. I’m personally Lutheran, but I’ve had the privilege to attend a few Catholic masses with my boyfriend and his family, but nothing prepared me for this service I was about to sit through. This Mass was extremely different than any I’ve ever attended. We had a black priest and he was so up-beat and excited about Jesus, it felt like we were attending a Gospel Church down south. It was such an exciting service to be apart of. Halfway way through the service, the priest decided he was going to splash holy water on everyone to save us. So while he was going around and performing the act on everyone in the church, the poor choir was stuck on repeat singing the same line for 15 minutes! They looked exhausted and relieved when the priest was finally done.


After the service, we all decided since we couldn’t have brunch with our families back home, we were going to have a huge brunch with our family here. So we all pooled in enough groceries to create a feast for a Sultan! We dined like royalty today. We cooked 60 eggs for cheesey scrambled eggs, two loaves of bread for french toast, we cut up strawberries and bananas for the french toast, an entire pot of sliced potatoes, and a salad to balance out all the carbs. Sadly, we didn’t have any bacon for this delicious feast; instead we had five packages of sausage, which is a close second.
Tess and I thought you couldn’t have an Easter celebration without Easter decorations. We went to the only Easter store in the city and picked up a fancy table cloth, a bright pink bucket centerpiece, and cute Easter themed napkins. It was such an enjoyable experience, sharing a meal with all these wonderful people. There was so much joy and laughter amongst us that it is how Easter is meant to be, a celebration. What better way to end such a wonderful day than the movie Jesus Christ Superstar!


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