Blog Post Appropriation 1! Graduate Students on the Road to Edirne

Here’s a repost of some thoughts from the group of Graduate Landscape Architecture students who arrived in Istanbul about two weeks ago after their five week sojourn in the Netherlands. We did a joint day-trip to Edirne (see our recent “Designing Istanbul – Part 1” blog post a couple of days ago) and here some reflections from Grace, Karen and Bingqin. Check out their blog when you get a moment at

2014 The Cultural Ecology of Water in the Netherlands / Cities on Water / Istanbul


Along a highway, in the middle of a farm field outside the city, the bus stops. We pile out, rub our eyes, and blink into the low, early morning sun, wondering why we are here. Although we’ve been driving for almost an hour, the densely packed ticky tacky apartments of the city have only just begun to fall away into sloping farmland blanketed in yellow flowers. A peculiarly new development, designed to resemble an Italian villa complete with tiled roofs, stucco façade, and an ostentatious fountain, posed on the other side of the highway, looking like square peg trying to fit into a round hole. A beautiful but understated stone wall flanks the road, with a simple engraving serving as the only indication that we’ve arrived at Sançaklar Camii.

We filter through the opening in the wall, and begin to navigate the jigsaw pathway of…

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