April Showers Bring May Flowers: Gülhane Parkı

As the month of April closed out in Istanbul we experienced a few of the gloomiest and rainy days of the trip in the city. That combined with the ever intensifying crucible that is preparing for final reviews and the thought that we are leaving in less than week was getting really sad. But luckily April showers bring May flowers.Image

The first two days of May have been absolutely beautiful with temperatures approaching 21 degrees Celsius (70F) and mostly sunny skies. Finally able to traverse the city after it being temporarily shutdown for May Day, as a Landscape Architecture student none other than Gülhane Park came to mind. One of the few and most beautifully landscaped parks in Istanbul, Gülhane Park sits on the outskirts of Topkapı Palace. The park has a lot of flowers.Image

Let me repeat that: The park has a lot of flowers.

Most of them are Turkey’s famed tulips with a few other species thrown in, but it’s mostly tulips.Image

The park was once a part of Topkapı’s gardens, but it was opened to the public in the early 20th century during the last years of the Ottoman Empire. As one of the few large open spaces in Istanbul, it is a favorite place for locals to go for a casual stroll or a picnic and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life in the city. The park is quite expansive and is a seemingly never ending tulip-filled wonderland of artistic plantings with one right after the other.




A visit to this beautiful park, getting a breath of fresh air, some peace and quiet, and seeing May flowers is just what this student needed to recharge his batteries and head into the home stretch for the semester.



Wish us luck on final production.


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