Push & Expose

6 days left! It’s so strange to know that I will be flying home to Minneapolis to begin my internship and summer class in a little over a week. As much as I want to start planning my summer, I have to stay focused on my studio work. Over the past few days we had a short workshop to take a step back from our designs and revisit the site to look at things in a new light. We were tasked with looking at the site conditions and come up with verbs to describe them. From there we headed back to studio and had 1.5 hours to complete 10 abstract, conceptual models. I won’t lie, I was a little nervous. I’ve never had to produce that many models in such a short amount of time. But along with everyone else, I picked up my knife, hoped I wouldn’t cut myself, and began working. With some luck I managed to finish my models.


After presenting, we had to go back and create four new models with our critiques. I was unsure of which direction to go in at first, but I worked on zooming in and focusing on the idea of push and expose in terms of the ground material and water systems. Going through review once again, we came away with the task to create 3 section perspectives in 3 hours. With minimal knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, I decided to do analog drawings instead. I took the concepts I found at the site and transferred them into my design.


Even though the workshop took time away from our normal studio hours, I found it to help me revisit the site and think about it under a different context. I was able to focus in on some of the small details and use them in creating my final design. From here on out, it’s time to design, design, and design. I’m glad I will be busy because it makes me sad to know I will be leaving an incredible city! All I can ask is to have the opportunity to come back again one day.


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