Final Thoughts

Sorry it has taken me so long to write this final post.  It’s a bittersweet moment, as I don’t quite feel ready to close this chapter of my life.  It seems just like yesterday that I was on the phone with my parents, explaining to them that I will be out of the country for almost three months.  Before I embarked on this crazy adventure, I thought I knew what the world was like through stories and pictures.  I don’t think I’ve ever proven myself to be so wrong in my life.



Looking back at my short time in Paris, it really was my first experience abroad and it was phenomenal.  That was the time for me to fully embrace the true tourist nature and climb on top of the world.  Ever since Paris, I have made it my mission to climb every high point in the cities I was visiting and eventually living in.  It’s like a blur looking back on that week, I can’t believe that I was there.



Seeing Rome in person, after learning about the rich history as a child, was a dream come true.  Rome wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be either.  I imagined the Coliseum full of gladiators, the Roman Forum full of emperors and ceasers, you know, Ancient Roman things.  It was hard to embrace the modern image of Rome, but being fully submersed into this beautifully historic city was so rewarding.  I am forever grateful for the sites I was able to see and for the drawings of Rome I was able to produce.



Now Istanbul was another surreal experience.  This city took me by surprise the most and I never thought I’d say that I’d fallen in love with a city like I did with Istanbul.  Forever, there will always be a little piece of my heart left in the skyline of this magnificent city.  I also thought differently of this city, I was expecting sand dunes and camels, which I did find during my spring break, but never actually in Istanbul itself, a city so full of life.  I am extremely proud of myself for the sketches, drawings, and renderings that I was able to produce during my time in Istanbul.  I honestly can’t thank my classmates enough for the help and support they gave me and that we gave each other throughout this trip.  We have grown into such a tight family and I know I could call on any of them if I ever needed help.

My final word is this, “Go out into this world and have an adventure, it will honestly be one of the influential experiences of your life.”

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