Tess’s Top 10

Now that I have been home for a week and I’m now reminiscing about my semester abroad, I don’t want to stay melancholy about the trip being over but celebrate all the great memories and moments I had. Although I don’t want to tell myself its over, I can’t thank everyone enough for the experience. So in an effort to keep my sanity, I will list 10 of my favorite memories from the trip (there are much more but lets stick with 10 for brevity).

  1. Migros and Mountain Dogs – I didn’t know that in the beautiful land of Switzerland I would be impressed by a giant grocery shore but I was and I am convinced that those beautiful Bernese mountain dogs are bears.
  2. Mount St. Peter’s – My lungs will never forget that brutal battle to the top of the dome. With my sweat, blood, and tears, I “stormed the castle” and looked out at my Roman domain below.                                                                          IMG_0477
  3. Sorrento Setbacks – from eating the BEST pizza ever with a dull knife to ripping my favorite pants on the rocks, breathtaking Sorrento was pretty self-explanatory.
  4. Drawing and Dancing  – No one will ever forget me playing Latch on replay during our late night drawing sessions while Natalie and I danced like fools.
  5. Stroll by the Steps – One of my last days, I walked across from the Villa Borghese and watched the sunset by myself. Needless to say it was magical.                                                                               IMG_1190
  6. Cheesy Bread – I was obsessed and I can admit it now.
  7. Everybody Dance Now! – I am still laughing from the time Ozayr was helping us with our designs and, as he left, my Spotify played the infamous Gonna Make You Sweat first line “EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!”  (I didn’t mean it Ozayr, I promise.)
  8. Watch Boynu with the Crew – I don’t know how or why, but watching our Turkish soap opera, Boynu Bukukler, brought me pure joy and laughter even though I didn’t understand a word. Same with Sedece Sen that meant all of my wildest expectations.
  9. Hot Air Balloon – What more can I say…but AMAZING.                                IMG_2127
  10. Glorious Galata – On my last day, we finally went up the Galata Tower and got to look out at just a sliver of Istanbul, now being able to point at places we’ve been and moments we’ve shared which was definitely something special.


I will never forget the friends I made and the fun times I shared in Europe. Even though I am a little sad now, I would never take back the extraordinary opportunity I received.


One comment

  1. Pat

    Hi Tess, I would like to see a video of you eating the cheesebread-I am guessing it was a bit scary:-) hahaha; Loved following your journey! Hope to see you soon!

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